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How It All Started

The Green Can has been a longtime dream for co-owners Cody Fry and Chris Miller.  Chris, chef extraordinaire, visionary, and entrepreneur, met Cody, a similarly gifted chef and imaginative and innovative culinary force after they both took the Alaskan leap of faith and arrived in beautiful Homer Alaska. They started at Land’s End in 2018 and became the executive culinary team. 



Leaps Of Faith

Chris Miller convinced his wife Jess that, in 2018, it was time for their family to leave Colorado and follow his brother to Alaska. Shortly after Chris took the lead as Land’s End Executive Chef, Cody and his wife Sonya were looking for a change of scenery from their unique lives on a small island near Nicaragua. Soon after they arrived in Homer and Cody became the Land’s End Sous Chef, working right alongside Chris. 

One Big Family

It didn’t take long before they realized not only were their individual dreams in harmony, but they had a one of a kind winning team. They decided that one day soon they would have to collaborate and pursue their shared dream of creating and owning a first class restaurant. 

Between their individual expertise, their shared passion for food, delivering exceptional customer service and the ultimate dream of creating their own unique restaurant, they decided to take the leap of faith. Along with the large and talented support team of friends, family, and associates, they launched the enormous and exciting endeavor of manifesting their shared dream- The Green Can!  

451 Sterling hwy
Homer, AK

Craft Cocktails | Shareable Food

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7 days a week
4pm-10pm (kitchen)
Bar till Midnight
(lunches coming soon)